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4 Steps to Reading Right

  1. Posted by Paula in Reading and writing skills |
  2. November 19th, 2009 |

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4 Steps to Reading Right

Reading can be much more beneficial when you are reading right. The good news is that it is just a matter of habit. You can change your habits with simple steps. Here’s how you do it

Absorb it well

The main problem with a bad reading habit is that you do not pay enough attention     to what you are reading. You can learn anything if you practice reading right.  The ‘preview’ technique is quite useful. In this technique, you glance through the paragraph first-and then start reading it. Try this approach:

Take a few seconds to review the paragraph. Look at the subtitles, titles and highlighted words. Glance at the graphs or illustrations. The first and last paragraphs of a book reveal a lot about it. Ask yourself questions about the main theme of the book, the purpose of the author etc. Sounds tough? Try it once and you will be able to tell the difference.

Ask questions

Another useful trick is to to approach the book in a questioning manner-as if you are trying to look for something. Turn the title of the book into a question-you will be amazed at the result!

For instance, if you are reading a book about the difference between eubacteria and archaebacteria, try to picture the title as a question.

What is the rationale behind this approach? Well, research shows that a person concentrates more on things which are goal oriented. Remember, if you are aiming for nothing, you will get just that-nothing!

Don’t talk to yourself

Another aspect we stress on when we are teaching kids to read right relates to vocalizing. You can do it in two ways:

  1. Reading the book aloud
  2. Talking to yourself even as you are reading.

Sounds familiar? That is because these are the most common mistake people make when they are reading. It reduces your speed over a period of time. Consider this; the average speed at which a person speaks is about 250 words per minute. A person reads much faster than he speaks. However, when you talk to yourself while reading, you bring the speed of your reading down to the level of your speech. What does that translate into? You end up spending more time on a book-time you could use elsewhere!

Read in groups

No, we are not talking about the group you hang out with! We are not talking about the geeks at your school either!

When you are reading, try to look at the words in groups. Poor readers stop frequently, and need to read every single word individually. Not only does this slow you down, it also strips away your interest in what you are reading. The first step in reading right is to read groups of words together. You should read phrases together. This will help your mind store the meaning away for future use. It enriches your vocabulary, teaches you the right application for those words and helps you read faster!

Reading right is not something you are born with-it is something you develop! Try the tips above and get more out of your books!

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