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3 Easy Tips on Reading with Speed

  1. Posted by Paula in Reading and writing skills |
  2. December 3rd, 2009 |

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Are you cramming your head with facts the evening before that big exam?  You will succeed in reading only some of that book-and learn less! Wonder why? Your concentration is least when you are trying to cram your brain with data! It has a tendency to wander when you pressurize it! So what do you do? How do you get the best out of reading, and invest the least amount of time while doing so? You ‘speed read’!

What’s Speed Reading?

Well, it is a speedy way of reading text and getting the most out of it. More and more researchers are advocating these techniques to get the most out of reading! Wouldn’t you love to spend less time at your homework-but get the most out of it? Well, the only way out is to read right-and here’s how you go about it!

How Should I Read and Get the Best Out Of It in A Short Time?

  • Peace and quiet-The most important thing you need to remember about this is that you should find out the best place for it. For instance, look for peace and quiet-that goes without saying! You can NEVER learn anything without this! Relax-I include your favorite music in the ‘peace and quiet’ I’m talking about!

Having said that, I seriously doubt your powers to concentrate when you are listening to reggae or hard rock at the max! I have nothing against it- but are you sure it helps your concentration?

  • Relax as you read-like we told you before, your brain feels pressurized when you task it too much.  Don’t concentrate on cramming facts. Your mind will wander and you will remember precious little!

If you are having problems concentrating- you’re just normal. Why not take up a few minutes of meditation every day? You will find it working miracles! Just about 5 minutes in a day is more than enough at the outset. Surely you can afford that time?

  • Plan ahead- you need to be clear about your expectations from the text. For instance, if you are writing an essay and are looking for matter, jot down key words and ideas as you read. You will find it easier to assimilate the ideas later! If you are preparing for a test, this will help you cut down the hours you spend at your table.
  • Read in groups- if you read through each word in the text, you will waste time and concentrate less. Instead, try and read the words in groups.

For instance, if you read ‘if you want to concentrate more, read slow’, in individual words, you will just waste time. Instead, why not try and read them like this- ‘if you concentrate more, read slow’! Try it out-it’s fun!

Remember, you need not spend hours at your desk- even before that exam! Just read right and you will get away with the least amount of time-and we all know what you can do with that time! But then, my mind is wandering……
Don’t just do it fast….do it right! Read this quick step


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