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Lesson 11; Conjunctions

  1. Posted by Bertha in Grammar |
  2. December 23rd, 2009 |

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Conjunctions are used for joining either one word to another word; or one sentence to another sentence.

One Word to Another Word

When a word is joined with another word by a Conjunction; each of the words is generally of the similar parts of speech; such as,

¨      A noun is joined to another noun or pronoun; an adjective to another adjective; a preposition to another preposition; a verb to another verb.

Noun to Noun – Cows and donkeys are both very helpful animals.

Noun to Pronoun – Sam and you have to come for lunch today.

Pronoun to Pronoun – I and you are both right.

Adjective to Adjective – I am upset, but hopeful.

Preposition to Preposition – A bird flies in and through the air.

Verb to Verb – She came and talked to me wisely.

Noun to Noun – She is a fool as well as a dishonest.

Noun to Noun – Is this baby a boy or a girl?

¨      There are few Conjunctions that often go in pairs; such as, either – or; neither – nor; but – also; both – and; but – also; not only – but also.

Noun to Noun – She is neither an unfair nor a dishonest.

Noun to Noun – He is both an unfair and a dishonest.

Adjective to Adjective – She is both wise and talented.

Adjective to Adjective – She is not only wise, but also talented.

Verb to Verb – You should either work or leave.

Adverb to Adverb – You behaved neither kindly nor wisely.

One Sentence to Another Sentence

Among the Conjunctions that join one sentence to another sentence the mostly can be noticed from the below-mentioned examples: -

First Sentence Conjunction Second Sentence
You said that this pen is mine
I trust him because he never tells a lie
He will come to the party if he is permitted to come
I want to know whether I should go
I must do this unless I am stopped by my work
I must leave now since or as the rain has stopped
You must leave your bed when the sun rises
Nobody could find out where the goat was lying hid
The girl is unwise but the boy is very wise
I want to know how your grandpa is today
Your cow is older than mine
It’s long time since I last met you
I left the office as soon as the rain ceased
He was so badly injured that he needed to be hospitalized
She could not pass the exam though she tried hard
I closed the door after my guests had gone
The boy is smart and he is very good in studies
They didn’t disclose why they didn’t come
The mouse will play while the cat is gone

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