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Writing a Class Speech for Your School Kid? Don’t Go Without These Handy Tips!

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  2. January 10th, 2010 |
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Writing a Class Speech for Your School Kid? Don’t Go Without These Handy Tips!

Writing a class speech for your 5th or 6th grader may not be quite as easy as it sounds! You will have to pack in enough information to make it worthwhile, while retaining the flow and wit to make it interesting to a group of youngsters. Daunting-at the least! The good news is that this need not be an uphill task, so long as you keep to the basics. Here are a few pointers that should stand you in good stead when you are writing a speech!

The Basics First- What Kind Of A Speech Are You Writing?

Well, this is the very basic your need to get right. There are a few categories of speeches. Identifying the type you are dealing with will make your job that much easier. So here goes….

  • The informative speech-the basic purpose of these speeches is to impart information about the topic. So, you have to gather a lot of details about the topic if you are writing an informative speech. That is of primary importance.

  • Persuasive- this is a speech where you aim at convincing a group of people about a certain point. Creative writing for kids isn’t easy when you are dealing with these class speeches. When you are writing a persuasive speech, it always helps if you have the arguments down in the form of points- easier to remember and convince people at the same time.

  • Demonstration speeches- these are your typical show and tell kind of stuff.  Writing these speeches is comparatively easy. You just need to ensure that you go with the flow…

Once you’ve decided on the type of speech you are looking at, you are nearly half way through! Now let’s look at a few points that hold true for all speeches, no matter what format you are putting them under!

Writing a Class Speech- Points to Remember

  • Keep it short- there is no way you can convince people if you stuff in too many ideas into your speeches. Moreover, you are just going to make it difficult for your kid to remember everything in class! So, keep the ideas down to a maximum of 2 or 3 and you are good to go!

  • Keep it easy on the ears- remember, you are not writing an essay-it’s a speech. So, make it as conversational as you possibly can. Here are a  few pointers you might like to try:

#1-Keep the sentences short.

#2-Substitute ’I’m’ for I am etc.

#3-Steer absolutely clear of flowery gibberish that means little to you or any other fifth grader!

#4-Read it aloud before you finalize it. Does it sound ok? If you are too bored to read through to the end, your audience will probably have the same feelings, so start chopping here and there!

  • Make It Real

Real facts that appeal to the audience are far more important than a boring repetition of facts! Creative writing for kids should focus on real life experiences and incidents- that is what makes it come alive!

Keep these easy pointers in mind when you are writing the next class speech for your kid- and watch him win all the accolades from a fascinated audience!