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Statistics Sampling Demonstration

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Introduction : Sampling Demonstration

It is recommended that before simulation one should start answering the questions.

Statistics Demonstration

General Instructions

In the demonstration we make a comparison between the simple random sampling and stratified sampling.

A common and mostly used random sampling is the simple random sampling. In this sampling procedure the sample is chosen through randomization. That is to say a random selection is made from the population. So each subject present in the population is likely to have an equal chance of being selected in the sample and thus all the possible samples are equally probable of being selected. Where as in case of stratified sampling the concept of strata is taken into consideration .In this method of sampling subjects of the population are put into strata. After which the random sample is selected from each of the strata.

Steps of Simple Random Sampling:

  • Each of the members of the population is assigned a numeric label.

  • The numeric labels are selected at random by using software or random number table.

Demonstration Project Statistics

Steps of Stratified Random Sampling:

  • Population is defined.

  • Relevant Stratification is performed.

  • The population is listed.

  • In accordance to stratification the population is listed.

  • The sample size is chosen.

  • Proportionate stratification is computed.

  • A simple random sample is used to select the sample.


In random sampling if a small sample size is taken into consideration the sample will be quite different from the population in terms of composition. However this does not nullify the use of the random sampling. This is because statistical processes consider randomness. Now by definition in stratified sampling the composition of sample match with the population for the variables which are stratified.


One should start with answering the questions. Make guesses when you are unable to answer. The answers should be checked only after answering all the questions. And for your help use simulation to answer them.

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