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An introduction to Statistics Tutorial

Statistics tutorial will help you to understand statistical concepts related to probability distributions, sampling, estimation and testing, decision theory, time series, design of experiments and sample survey, linear model , sqc, reliability etc.

Basic Statistics

What do You Mean by Statistics?

Statistics in plural sense means numerical data which arises in human experience. It is in this sense that the term is used when our daily newspapers give birth-death statistics, crime statistics, etc.

Statistics in the singular sense is a name for the body of scientific methods, analysis and interpretation of numerical data. It formulates methods for the verification of hypotheses, for testing whether a hypothesis can claim to be a law. It helps to predict the future.

The Statistician Turns This Around:

Statistics helps us to find the rules when the data are given. Although we make a guess or approximate what the data really was ,we may make mistake in guessing it. And when we get more data in hand we may refine our guess about the probability model. Statistics makes it possible to look backward i.e we can make the best statistical guess about the probability model with the help of statistics. Though mathematical methods are used in statistics , it speaks more than Maths. After the best statistical guess we can find the rules and then use the probability model for future prediction.

Business Statistics Tutorial

How Helpful is This Tutorial

Statistics tutorial will help you to use the right probability distribution i.e. the appropriate probability distribution viz. normal, binomial, Poisson, uniform, t, etc. for analysis purpose. It will help you in estimating population means and proportions, based on sample data. Also, margin of error and confidence levels and intervals can also be determined with the help of this tutorial. In statistical testing the hypotheses about means and proportions is also covered in the tutorial.

The Statistics tutorial will prove helpful for both who want to gain their knowledge about statistics and also the students who are new to statistics. The analytical tools like statistical tables or calculators are also provided. Apart, from these sample problems based on statistics are also there for you. And last but not he least you can also get online statistics help.

Statistics Excel Tutorial

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