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R Help

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R help helps you to understand the commands used in R and make the correct use of it needed for your calculations. Similar to UNIX R has an inbuilt help facility.

R Software

What is R ?

R is a statistical software which helps us to compute large tedious calculations for data and also through R it is possible to present the data with the help of graphs. It has the following features:

Data handling and data storage can be made with the help of R.

Computations based on arrays in matrices can also be performed.

It has a logical collection of tools for data analysis.

R contains various useful and vital graphical facilities for data analysis.

It is an advanced yet simple programming statistical language where conditions, looping ,recursive functions can be done. Also it includes input and output facilities.

For a tutorial open your R software followed by help option and then open An Introduction to R. The Reference can be assessed by just using the command help.start() in the R console.

Using R Help:

As mentioned above for reference what you need to do is to just use the command help.start() in the R console. Also to search the packages installed use the command help.start("topics"). To get help on any function the command you should use is help(function.name) . For example if you want to know about the function mean just type help(mean) and all information will be provided to you regarding mean function used in R.

Benefits of Using R /R Help

The benefits of R/R Help are as follows:

1. R iis free. It runs on UNIX, Windows and Macintosh.

2. R inbuilt Help facilities is a real advantage to all especially beginners.

3. It has excellent graphing capabilities.

4. This language is simple but powerful. There are many syntax with inbuilt statistical function in R which can be learned easily.

5. R is easy to extend. Also it has user-written functions.

6. R is such a programming language which seems familiar to programmers and for beginners itís very simple to learn.


For example the data for the measurements on petroleum rock samples is given. A programming has been done in R to find the mean, median and mode with various conditioning for the data. The following is the programme:

Measurements on Petroleum Rock Samples Using R

Benefits of R


In R program, documentation is contained in R-source. The facilities of Online help, and many manuals are available. For people who are familiar with statistics the manual An Introduction to R" is an excellent way to learn and understand the software. R help helps you in many ways in solving your statistical problems.

R Help

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