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Statistics Quantitative Variables

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Graphing Distribution :

Quantitative Variables

The following are the topics that will be discussed in this chapter:

  • Stem and Leaf Display

  • Histogram

  • Frequency polygon

  • Box plot

  • Demonstration of Box plot

 Statistics Quantitative Variables

What is Quantitative variable and how it is different from qualitative or categorical variables:

Quantitative variable refers to numbers which can be measured i.e, measurement is meaningful in case of quantitative variables. Examples of quantitative variable are weight, height, GPA, temperature, salary, marks of exam, area etc. Whereas qualitative or categorical variables are those which considers labels or names. Examples include color of flowers, religion, country of birth etc.

Different types of graphs:

Different types of graphs can be used to represent the quantitative variables.The graphs are as follows:

  1. Histogram

  2. Dot plot

  3. Boxplot

  4. Stem and leaf display

  5. Frequency polygon

  6. Scatter Plot

We will discuss some of the above graphs in the following sections.

Quantitative Variables in Statistics

Some of the graphs are appropriate for small or moderate amount of data.Stem and leaf displays is a good representation of the above type. On the other hand frequency polygon and histograms goes well with large amount of data. To know about the differences between distribution we can use box-plot and to study about the relationship between two variables we use scatter plots.

Statistics learning has become more and more vital nowadays; it has a wide variety of applications in almost every field of study and research. Thus you just need to contact us and we will provide you with online statistic help.

Quantitative Variables Examples

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