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Importance of Statistics

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WELCOME to Tutorteddy.com. This is a REAL site intended to help students in statistics courses. We function as online statistics tutor in a similar manner as a statistics class. We provide online statistics help to the students, researchers, and to those who want to learn statistics and clear their doubts. Statistics help is provided by the experts of Tutorteddy.com where interested students are given lessons on statistics and also help and guidance is given to them to complete their assignments on time.

The Objectives:

  • How much statistics is related to the practical life or daily life?

  • How is statistics useful in giving accurate conclusions to an argument?

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On the basis of the above topics, some examples are discussed below:

All of us have a desire to control our life and if it happens it will really be a great achievement. The thing is to know what it means to control one's life. Partially, it means - the ability of a person to achieve proper evaluation of the claims and data. The person finding difficulties in judging the reasoning to be good or bad becomes susceptible to his decisions and manipulation. It is through Statistics that the person gets over all such situations. With the help of statistical tools he can react wisely to known information. So, Statistics is quite an important subject where the important and vital things can be studied and predicted.

The following refers to some claims of different occasions that are being discussed below: (However, it may be noted that all such claims are not true.)

  • 85 % men and 45 % women are affected by tobacco related lung cancer.

  • Egg white increases longevity.

  • There are 80 % chances of rain in the month of August.

  • Dentine is recommended by 90 % of the dentist.

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The above claims represent statistical character. Some of the claims are quite familiar. The examples above are from different topics or areas such as health, weather forecast. There are also several examples that can be cited from sports, law, business, psychology etc. Data and interpretation of it are very necessary to come to correct conclusions in our everyday life.

Some of the fields where statistics is important are as follows:

  1. Disease Prediction

  2. Forecast of weather

  3. Health and medical studies

  4. Insurance

  5. Controlling quality of products

  6. Business and stock markets

  7. Genetics etc.

Now we will discuss our second objective that how statistics helps to achieve correct conclusions to problems, claims and arguments. If you pay attention to advertisement shown in the television, you may notice that some of the advertisement fails to create publicity and hence the sale of those products is not so high. This simply happens because of careless statistical analysis. Thus statistical learning should be done in a long run so that; with the help of it you are able to control life. This article will help you to learn the basic things about statistics and will let you know how to undertake wise decisions of statistical claims.

The first step can be taken by you right away. The best way to do this is to make question about the statistics you come across. Statistics becomes important in making important decisions and to conclude whether the claim is true or false. So just look forward to learn statistics so that you don't need to get confused about your findings. Rather you can take wise decisions, and think over the data that why it is important and how can it be analyzed.

Fraudulent claims can then be proved to be false with the help of statistics Proper use of statistics should be appreciated and statistical evidence should be recognized to give support to a stated claim. It should be remembered that statistics should be used well for coming to accurate inferences. So the learning of correct use of statistics is quite important. Statistical help and online statistics help provided by us will thus help you to learn the proper use and various aspects of statistics.

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