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Elementary Statistics Help

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In elementary statistics help we will assist the students to understand the elementary topics included in statistics. We will mainly discuss about the features and fundamentals of the relationship between two variables. The elementary statistics formulae are also being provided in this article to help the students to work out problems. Students can refer to statistical textbooks for more information.

Relationship between Two Variables

A variable can be defined as a set of values to which we can assign numerical measures. For example marks of students, age ,weight etc.

Elementary Statistics Formulas

Correlation and Experimental Research

Correlation is a very useful and important measure in statistics. The degree of relationship or the measure of relationship between two variables is known as correlation. The correlation between height and weight , price and demand, etc.

Experimental research acts as research designs where computation is done for casual processes. To determine the effect of a dependent variable we consider more than one variable. To predict phenomenon and to explain causation we use experiments. Experimental research is very useful.

They are used when:

1. In a causal relationship there is time priority and consistency

2. High magnitude of correlation.

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Dependent and Independent Variables:

Dependent and independent variables are mathematical tools used in an experiment to keep track of what's going on. With the help of both variables which are related to another one can draw conclusion. The Independent variable is the one which the experimenter can change while the dependent variable depends on the independent variable depends on the independent variable , for a change in independent variable the dependent variable also changes. Dependent variables are also known as response variables and independent variables as explanatory and predictors. For example price and demand have a relationship where demand is the independent variable and price is the dependent one. As demand increases price increases ,and as demand decreases price decreases. So here, demand is the explanatory or independent variable and price is the dependent variable.

Elementary Statistics Formulas:

We provide you with elementary statistics formula so that you can search for it whenever you require it. The formula for correlation coefficient (r) is given as:

Elementary Statistics Formulas

Thus you can go through our elementary statistics help and improve your conceptions and understanding in statistics. Learn elementary statistics help and excel in your examinations, assignments and build a strong conception.

Elementary Statistics Tutorial

Elementary statistics tutorial helps you to perform better in statistics. There are experts here who will help you out to work out your problems based on elementary statistics. We provide online tuitions which helps the students to clear their doubts if they have any and making their understanding better.

So for any problems in elementary statistics you can always approach us and we will help you out with our elementary statistics help.

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