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What do We Mean by Biostatistics

Biostatistics is the combination of two fields of study-Biology and Statistics. The first part is the biology part ,the subject related to living things. The second part is statistics that includes accretion, analysis ,application of data. In Biostatistics statistical procedures ,techniques and analyses are used in the study of biology. There are many scientific applications of it.

It is used to perform experiments based on biology. Data are collected and analyzed anytime to draw conclusions about the biology experiment under consideration. While biostatistics experiment is different, it involves statistics that are expressed in numeric terms.

We should know about some terms. In terms of measurements the population is defined as the set of measurements. A sample is made up of one or more of the measurements evaluated from the rest of the population.

Biostatistics is used involves many important things. It is used in testing of drugs, environmental model building etc. Biostatistics is used mainly in making trials for new pharmaceuticals for interpreting data which helps in recommendations.

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Biostatistics in Medical Research

In most cases , statistics is not given so much importance in medical research. Also, the concepts relating to statistics are not so clear in many texts based on medical research.

In quantitative health care research medical statistics plays a vital role in designing, analyzing and interpreting data. One should know the principles and procedures required in the study. In addition to that he should know about the design ,the appropriate analysis and also interpretation for his study. You will be assisted in performing the following steps:



Data collection

Data processing

Data analysis


Conclusions and Interpretation


Statistics Formulas

How can We Help You in Publishing and Reporting

One may face the problem of publishing . It would be a good idea to get one or more papers from the published work. In this way the profile will become better, and it will act as a contribution to the study. You will be assisted to publish medical research project. Also you will be guided to present the thesis . Assistance will also be given to Formatting , Grammar correction etc.

Training Courses in Biostatistics

It is a course which will help you to know about the statistics technique and analysis used in medical science. Individuals related to pharmaceutical, medical fields etc. will be benefitted from this course.

Our experts will help you out in the following matters:

Statistical terminologies.

Statistical essentials.

Sample size determination.

Statistical techniques.

Correlation and Regression analysis.

Survival analysis.


Apart from workshops are also performed.

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