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SPSS is a statistical software which is employed for data mining , statistical analysis ,text analytics ,etc.

It simplifies programming by placing constraints on internal file structure, data types ,data processing and matching files. SPSS have datasets in a two dimensional table , the rows indicates cases and the columns presents measurements. Numeric and text are two sets which can be defined in SPSS. SPSS allows one to one ,one to many but not many to many file matching.. We will help you to analyze your data with the help of spss.

Regression Analysis

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One of our most popular services is SPSS help. We can say SPSS is such a software package which is required to do statistical test for various subjects specially social sciences.

In SPSS help we will assist you to collect data and make arrangements. From the data you need to anlyse using appropriate statistical tests and ultimately use the result to draw conclusions. Researchers often have confusions regarding what test should be chosen to analyse their data and sometimes they choose wrong test. The entry of data for testing is a little tough and one should learn how to do it. After entry the data is tested ,analyzed and finally interpreted. Our experts will take the initiative and perform the tasks for you so that you can learn the software at a reasonable cost. Our experts knows well about the software and statistics and therefore can assist you very well. Thus our SPSS help will be quite helpful to the students and researchers .

SPSS Help Online

Fundamentals of Using SPSS

It should be clear to you that why we use SPSS and what does it do. For this you are required to know about descriptive information and statistics. Our consultants will assist you to make you understand the necessity of spss for your dissertation. You should also know about statistical tests and graphics related to SPSS.

Read Raw Data

This is the section where you are required to input raw data into SPSS. You need to input data into the Data Editor and then read data into SPSS with the use of variables.

Basic Data Management in SPSS

Now you need to create and recode variables which is done by using SPSS functions. Also it includes subsetting variables and observations , analyzing a subset of your data , data , split by and ,missing data.

Data Management in SPSS

Points under this section are as follows:

To collapse data

Concatenate data files

Merge data files

To reshape from wide to long format and from long to wide format

Entering data

Entering data in SPSS in data editor is an easy process and is almost similar to excel spread sheet. You donít need to convert data from some other format. For example you might find trouble in reading the Excel files if you try to convert the excel file containing the data into SPSS.

Enter Variables and Label

You need to name your variables for your own advantage. By double clicking on the column heading you can enter the information of that variables in that column. By clicking type you can tell SPSS that you are using a string variable. This is done by clicking String at the left and then mention the length which allows 13 characters and then click the continue button. After returning to the Define Variable dialog you need to click ok.

Analyzing SPSS Output

This is quite important section. SPSS stores output in the Output Window when you run an analysis. This output window is similar to other windows of SPSS . The window has a menu bar at the top ,below it lies the toolbar with shortcut icons and below this is the status bar. The body of this window contains left and right panes. While left pane contains the outline of the output ,the right pane contains the output. We will help to analyze the output you get for your dissertation and you will be advised by our experts to use the appropriate statistical tests.

SPSS Statistics Help

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