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Ways in which you can edit and proofread your dissertation

Proofreading or checking for a dissertation's errors may take an incredibly long period of time. It typically takes as long as four to eight weeks for a graduate student to complete editing his project for dissertation. This lengthy duration can be explained because of the students' lack of skills and experiences with editing. Therefore, our research consultants offer editing and proofreading facilities so that students can complete their projects well within time and ensure that their work is free from grammatical, structural, formatting style and language errors.

How you can ensure that your thesis has been edited by adhering to the APA Style

The APA format is the established formatting style that is used by the American Psychological Association or APA-published journals. The association's manual contains all the guidelines regarding formatting but these are cumbersome and extremely detailed. Students may have a hard time understanding and following these set of instructions. To make this formatting process much simpler and "doable", our staff has compiled the more commonly used guidelines used in APA formatting. These research advisors can help you check for all formatting specifications on a line-by-line basis.

Guiding Capella University doctoral students

The guidelines recommended in the APA style of formatting have been closely replicated by the Capella University. However, there remain certain significant differences. Moreover, there are some particular formatting guidelines which must be followed for submitting your thesis as specified by ProQuest which is Capella's thesis publisher. Out staff is constantly present there to make sure the students write papers in keeping with these guidelines.

Guiding Nova Southeastern University students

The Nova Southeastern University too has definite sets of guidelines for formatting dissertations written by their students which they must abide by. The staff here can teach them some fundamental formatting rules like how to construct abstracts, headings, margins or reference lists along with whatever additional help the students may need.

Providing guidance to Illinois Institute of Technology students

This University boasts of having created a unique dissertation manual which outlines the fundamental requirements which students writing dissertations must necessarily follow. These specific rules have been clearly explained by our staff and they can even show these thesis-writing students how to apply them to dissertation projects.

Helping doctoral students edit according to school specific formats

Every school has its own set of formatting guidelines. Along with rules, students must observe other additional rules that are necessary in your discipline like the APA style and formatting regulations. Our consultants can offer valuable suggestions and tips to help you format your thesis. There are consultation services for help with specific formatting too.

Statistical Notation and Symbol Editing Services

these are hard task for most students because there are an overwhelmingly huge number of regulations concerning capitalization, italics or bolding. We can offer some APA_approved symbols and statistical notations and other additional notations or symbol editing services that you may require.

Dissertation Reference Assistance

When you create the reference section for your thesis and are unsure about which formatting techniques to follow, you can turn to our staff for assistance. We offer many reference section help tips and pointers that however may differ depending on the discipline you choose to write on. We even offer specific reference facilities.

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