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The following points should be kept in mind while writing a good and proper dissertation:

1. Research proposal

2. Literature reviews

3. Research question Development

4. A good introduction

5. Methodology

6. Developing a Research Hypothesis

1. Research proposal of a dissertation

The main question of the dissertation should be stated and defined. The question should be neither broad nor narrow. One needs to keep in mind the above things when he defines the question of his dissertation.

2. Literature Reviews

While writing the dissertation proposal ,a literature review is a very vital part. And it is this part of dissertation that most of the researchers face problems, the problem of making review. With the help of literature review one can make out the findings already made in the study and also what new things can be added to that.

3. Research Question Development

The questions should possess the following qualities:


The question in the dissertation or thesis should be academic and interesting. A question is formed through literature issues. One should have a clear purpose relating to the field of the study.

Manageable in Terms of Research

The scope of the dissertation or research should be realistic. One should keep in mind that the question he is asking is manageable and he should have the ability to answer it.


It should also be original and unique.


The question under consideration must be consistent and increase the scope of learning.

Clear and simple

The dissertation's question should not so complex that it results a unclear and confused thoughts. Complex and complicated questions leads to many confusions , unclear concepts and contradictions. This is one of the important and toughest part of writing a dissertation.


At the same time it should also be interesting to the researcher and also to others.

Editing and proof reading

4. A Good introduction

The introduction is a vital part of a dissertation. This is because both the readers and the writers get the basic information from there. In other word first impression is important. The introduction should be clear and organized. It should give basic information about the study ,the problem, the objectives, the significance of the study etc.

5. Methodology

It is not necessary to provide a very detailed explanation of the methodology section of the dissertation. The reason for this is that it will be beneficial for the reader to recreate the procedure which you have conducted, which should not happen. At the same time you should make a thorough explanation such that the reader can find the methodology to be sound. An introduction of the problem under consideration should be given before writing the methodology. An explanation of the reason for using the method should be stated. In addition to that also state the reasons for not using other methods. The description should be brief.

6. Developing a Research Hypothesis

While developing a research hypothesis one should keep in mind that it should be original. Originality of the hypothesis helps to generate interest to answer them. Moreover a highly predictable and uninteresting hypothesis is not a good one. Statistical Analysis should be performed to analyze the data. After analysis the results are used to see that whether we will reject or accept he null or original hypothesis.

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