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Context of Topics and Proposal

One should keep in mind that the chosen topic must be well defined and clear. Also, it should relate to a problem or question. Good topic means a topic which is interesting and unique. It is required to clearly state the main question of dissertation. Assistance will be given to you by providing an introduction and also guidance will be given to research proposal.

Statistics Help:

The fact is that the statistics techniques which are applied to problems in dissertation depend not only on the availability of data but also on its reliability. There are two kinds of statistical data. They are:

  1. Published data
  2. Unpublished data

Also, Data are also classified into two categories: primary and secondary.

  • Primary data: The data which are real and original and which are collected by the researchers are called primary data.
  • Secondary data : The data available from any other source are termed as secondary data.

In testing of hypothesis few steps should be followed:

  1. Parameters of the hypothesis should be stated first.
  2. After doing so, one needs to state both the null and alternative hypotheses.
  3. Then the appropriate test statistics should be chosen.
  4. The sample data should be observed. On the basis of the calculated test statistic decision of either accepting or rejecting the null hypothesis is made.

Package Help-SPSS

SPSS ,a statistical software plays a vital role in social sciences. Statistical test can be easily performed with the help of SPSS and due to this the importance of SPSS is growing day by day. For dissertation or thesis SPSS help is required to perform statistical test and procedures. In SPSS help consists of tutorial which helps you to understand how to use the tool. It should be kept in mind that the SPSS output plays an important role and one should follow the tutorial to know about the analysis of SPSS output. Services of SPSS and Statistics Help is provided by our experts. You will be assisted to analyze your data accurately and using SPSS package.

Defense Presentation:

The following gives an idea of defense presentation.

Attend dissertation defenses

In order to prepare for thesis defense students should attend defenses.

Time Allocation

The amount of time which the department allocate for defense, questioning presentation should be determined by the students. They should consult this with their advisors.


With the help of power point presentation students are required to make a presentation of their dissertation. One should include only the main important points in the power point slides.

Authority figure

Think yourself as authorities when you're presenting.

We will help you in such a way that it will be easy for you to make a good presentation of your dissertation.

ABD Service:

It denotes All but dissertation which is related to the process in obtaining a Doctorate degree in the US and Canada. All the necessary things like comprehensive exams, dissertation proposals etc. had already been done in such stage. Now in order to complete this degree you must write an original dissertation which defines a Ph.D. You will be assisted in completing the dissertation or thesis within the deadline.

Editing and proof reading

Proof reading and editing is required before submission of the dissertation. The reason is that while writing your dissertation you can commit some mistakes like spelling, grammar etc. which need to be checked. Assistance will be given to you for such editing and proof reading purpose. Editing errors will also be rectified if there are any.

Discussion section

This section is one of the most important section of your dissertation. Plenty of time is required to complete this section. Discussion section comprises of the following:

  • Explanation and Interpretation of all the results.
  • Answering the question of research.
  • Evaluation of the study
  • Justification of the approach.

Thus, the section is mainly important to make it clear what you want to tell about your dissertation. You are not only required to describe the results but also need to explain them. Reasonable and correct interpretations for the results must be given. Our experts will guide you in the Discussion Section.

Publishing Dissertation

After writing dissertation one may think that there is no other obstacles and complications left . Some researcher are not eager to publish their dissertation . However, it is a necessary part of the work. So one needs to know all the steps that involves publication of dissertation.

It involves the following steps:

  1. Firstly before submission one needs to identify the actual and proper format of the dissertation. The format should fulfill all the publishing requirements. All parts of the work are combined and is kept in a single computer file so that it is readable from any computer.

  2. After this the next step is to get a sign for the agreement of dissertation publication. All copyright laws are observed for security purpose.

  3. A certain time period is required for Dissertation publication.

Guidance will be given in publishing dissertation to make it acceptable .

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