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One may face problem while writing a dissertation proposal. The reason for this may be the lack of understanding of the fundamentals and basis of methodology. The first step of writing the methodology of dissertation is to know and explain the objectives of the methodology. It is on the basis of dissertation proposal that one researcher is competing with others. The reader of the dissertation should understand how the result is obtained from the methodology. In fact the reader will not perform the analysis; he will just see how it is done.

Importance of Research Methodology:

  1. Dissertation proposal tells us about the research performed. Also, it helps us to justify the choices made in the research proposal.
  2. This section is easy to gain marks and at the same time to lose marks.
  3. Very vital part of a dissertation and special care should be taken in writing this part because, with the help of this one gets the grip to write a clear dissertation.

Fundamental Things That should be Kept in Mind:

Before the advent of the process one should know correctly about the kind of information he needs to collect for his dissertation. Also, he should know the exact subject matter he wants to study. In order to prove or disprove the research the sample size should be big and information collected should not be insufficient. Research is very important in dissertation proposal. The research methods are not only important for the learning of writing methodology but also play a vital role in the whole dissertation. The research will remain unsuccessful if one is unable to present a detailed analysis of his study. So, by keeping the methodology in mind, one can write the vital parts of dissertation which includes planning, describing and analyzing.

How to Write Your Research Methodology:

  • 1. One should know the amount of detail he should provide.
  • 2. the method should be clear, i.e. whether it will be Quantitative or Qualitative.
  • 3. The methodology structure should be correct.
  • 4. One should know SPSS, statistical software that helps to analyze results.

There are two types of approaches, viz. Qualitative and Quantitative research. One should be very clear about the approach he is using for his methodology in his dissertation. By qualitative research we mean those research techniques that are used for developing theories. Quantitative research as it name suggests is a technique which involves the exact amount or measurement, i.e., how many, how much, etc. The basic difference between the two researches is that while qualitative assists in building theories, the quantitative is used to test the theories. Another difference on the basis of sample size is that for qualitative it is small, and for quantitative it is large. The sample design in case of qualitative is non-probabilistic while for quantitative it is probabilistic. The method of data collection is also different; in case of qualitative we collect with the help of case studies while in case of quantitative the method is questionnaires or survey.

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There are experts here who will help you out in every step of the research methodology. You will be assisted to remove your confusion to choose between quantitative and qualitative approaches and to analyze your data.

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