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The phenomenon of performing a job without any human interference is known as automation. It refers to those tasks which are carried out with the help of machines. Automation is important in companies and industries dealing with production of consumer goods and capital. Automation provides facilities for all kinds of production.

Advantages of Automation

Automation saves time as well as the labor of the workers.

For this, company don't have to pay so much wage to the laborers and in this way profit can be earned.

And most importantly improvement in productivity occurs.

Thus automation not only help the company to increase potential but also earn more profit.


Automation is widely used in almost all industries. Automated telephone were once substituted in place of ubiquitous telephone operators. Apart from this, the use of automated system for primary screening in radiography , electrocardiography etc, has helped a lot in increasing speed of work and accuracy. To avoid bank visits and for easy transactions automated teller machine can be used. It is with the help of automation that a shift in economy has taken place, i.e a shift from industrial jobs to service jobs.

Spread-Sheet Automation:

These are designed to ensure the following :

Removes job drudgery

Save of time and money

The file is named and saved automatically

Reduces mistakes

Data integrity

Spreadsheet automation needs to be performed for the following situations:

Complex task involves too many steps.

Inadequate excel skill of the user.

Same task is done repetitively.

Two kinds of automation is performed through Spreadsheet Pros. They are as follows:

Non Programming

For automation of Excel spreadsheet linked workbook, databases ,pivot tables etc. are extensively used. With minimum user intervention all the information are transferred and operated. There are built in functions which help to provide the correct tools.


Excel Spreadsheet automation is supported by the Microsoft Visual Basic which is used as an application programming language. It is such a program where all the data are entered.

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If you are facing problem with all kinds of spreadsheet complications we will help you out in automation.

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