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The Importance of Your Dissertation Topic

The importance of Dissertation topic may differ from one person to another, some of them thinks that it is not so significant while some think it is really important. This may happen because of particular interest ,personal biases etc. However one should choose a good topic for dissertation or thesis to build a successful career.

One should think deeply about the Dissertation topic . A right and good topic should be chosen and then developed. Some of the tips are as follows:

Learn all the possible literature which are related to the Dissertation Topic.

Discuss the topic with professors and Students

Organize thoughts through listing of topics.

Classic approach in choosing a dissertation topic is to make research studies regarding his past studies which is done through analysis and examining of research literature. As past studies is not new to the scholar he can address the topic from there.

The Main Mistakes while Choosing A Topic

One should not choose a very general topic ,it creates problem while working on it. Another mistake is to select a topic which one has little interest. One should be very motivated to complete his thesis. Some points to be remembered:

Think about one’s professional interests.

Take suggestions from the advisor, professors.

Make a review of recent theories in your field.

Make use of the internet.

The topic for dissertation should not be a common one, it should be unique. It is necessary to make your topic interesting by making new discoveries, think something innovative about it . If you select a common and popular topics you lose the scope of exploring new ideas and thinking. So for a difference try a unusual ,unique and interesting topic.

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