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Topic needs to be Reasonable

It is vital to select a problem which is narrow enough that can be addressed or solved in a reasonable period of time. It should not be too lengthy , the topic should be selected in such a way that it can be completed within two year time period. If you take a long time to complete your dissertation it leads to some disadvantages. The problems that arises in a longer time period is that many events which are not expected are likely to occur. Also taking a long time makes one lethargic and it is possible you loose interest on it. Moreover a risk of another person choosing the same topic and problem may cause trouble.

The Topic Needs to be Interesting

Not that only you should have interest in your topic for dissertation but your advisor should also have some interest on the chosen topic. Advisors generally are not so interested to suggest topics because they have to take huge responsibilities in guiding the students. So it is necessary that your advisor should have interest on the chosen topic so that he can support and help you out with his directions and feedbacks.

Topic Ideas

It will be burden to complete a dissertation when you lose interest on it at an early stage. Students often choose and select those dissertation topic which their professor are explaining but suddenly they get lost while they move to another topic. Outlines works as a useful tool for developing topic ideas.


It is should be kept in mind that the chosen dissertation topic should not conflict with your interest. While making decisions about a dissertation topic you should keep a balance between your interest and convenience.

Altering Topics or Ideas

You should remain flexible while you are working on the dissertation. It is natural that some new aspect can appear and it may happen that you need to change your writing. So you need to modify the topic. Your committee may think that the topic you have chosen either is too broad or too narrow .They may also think that your proposed research is too lengthy and impossible to complete.

Our Help

Our consultants will help you to make your topic interesting ,reasonable ,original and convenient for your study.

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