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tutor2 : answering to ur email.
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tutor2 : I have written null and alternative hypothesis .
tutor2 : z = (1.99 - 2)/(0.05/sqrt(100)) = -2
tutor2 : critical z = -1.645 at 0.
tutor2 : critical z = -1.645 at 0.
student : do you need more infomratin
tutor2 : null hypothesis : mu = 2
tutor2 : critical z= -1.645 at 0.05 level.
tutor2 : Alternative hypothesis : mu < 2
tutor2 : I sent answer to ur email.
tutor2 :

null hypothesis : mu = 2

Alternative hypothesis : mu < 2
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student : Would you like more information?
student : yes please!
tutor2 :

null hypothesis : mu = 2

Alternative hypothesis : mu < 2
student : having problems with the following
student : The inspection division of the County Weights and Measures department is interested in estimating the actual amount of soda that is placed in 2-liter bottles at the local bottling plant of a large, nationally-known soda company. The bottling plant had informed the inspection division that the standard deviation for the 2-liter bottles is .05 liter. A random sample of 100 2-liter bottles obtained from this bottling plant indicated a sample average of 1.99 liters. Based on the sample data, is there evidence that the true average amount of soda in the bottles is less than than two liters? Use the α =.01 level of signficance.

Present your null and alternative hypotheses

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