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tutor2 : is this ur email *****@gmail.com ?
tutor2 : then we got ur problem.
student : yes
student : I click like
tutor2 : thanks.
student : is this all I need to do?
tutor2 : yes.
student : did you recieve my question
tutor2 : yes, we got ur problem.
student : great!
student : hey
student : why you send me an email to pay?
student : did you say the first problem is free?
tutor2 : first is free .
tutor2 : if u send more question then we will send u quote.
student : ok
student : how about my question?
student : any clue?
tutor2 : c. black; Since no light is hitting the eye all you see is the absence of color, known as black.
student : what?
tutor2 : answer.
student : really?
tutor2 : is not that ur question ?
student : no
tutor2 : Question : What color do you see when you close your eyes while in a dark room? Explain.

a. dark violet; Since no light is entering, you would tend to see the fringes of color from the ultra-violet region of the spectrum.
b. flashes of white; Although white is not really a color, you perceive all the frequencies of the spectrum as they flash by the retina of the eye.
c. black; Since no light is hitting the eye all you see is the absence of color, known as black.
d. all colors; The harder you close your eyes the more colors you will see.
student : fUNNY
student : no
student : You work for PepsInc. You have to decide whether to
accept a project in the firm’s restaurant division.
 Justify your answer if you know the following:
– PepsInc PepsInc has two divisions (restaurants and beverage) of has two divisions (restaurants and beverage) of
approximately equal size (by market value).
– The project’s IRR on investment (total CFs) is 12%.
– PepsInc can borrow at an “all-in” interest rate of 6%, and
the risk-free rate is 4%. Equity-market risk-premium is 7%.
– PepsInc's equity beta is 1.3 and its current leverage is the
same as its target D/V=30%
Corporate Finance, © Matej BLAŠKO, Department of Finance
Cost of Capital of Levered Firms L09 - 26
same as its target D/V=30%.
– KolaInc., an all equity firm, is a “pure play” firm in
beverages comparable to your beverage division, and its
unlev. beta is 0.8.
– Both firms face a 30% marginal corporate tax rate.
tutor2 : omg then we did not receive it yet.
student : this is my question
student : now you receive it
tutor2 : oh sooory.
tutor2 : u r asking for finance help ... i thought u another student who need chemistry qs.
student : yes
student : are you able to help me out?
student : It almost mid nit here
tutor2 : I am stat teacher here . u may see the ans at morning. go to bed now.
student : are u sure?
student : actually I just need a help on how to determine the cost of debt
tutor2 : yes. u will surely get. if not then u may send 2mmorow again.
student : the have already got other parts done.
student : I just need one number
tutor2 : dont folllwed.
student : can you find someone help me with this problem now?
student : I can wait
tutor2 : no. sorry . it takes time. our accounting expert will provide ans within 3-5 hrs. I told my seniors .
student : oka
student : I can get my answer by tomorrow morning?
tutor2 : yes, sure.
student : ok I trust you
student : thanks
student : please do not get my question wrong
tutor2 : no no. dont take tension . we will contact u.
student :
student : ok bye
tutor2 : bye.

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