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tutor3 : Hello Student, May I help you with your Math problems?
student : Sickle-cell anemia is a hereditary medical condition affecting red blood cells that is thought to protect against malaria, a debilitating parasitic infection of the liver and blood.
That would explain why the sickle-cell trait is found in people who originally came from Africa, where malaria is widespread.
A study in Africa tested 543 children for the sickle-cell trait and also for malaria infection.
In all, 25% of the children had sickle-cell and 6.6% of the children had both sickle-cell and malaria. Overall, 34.6% of the children had malaria. What is the probability that a given child has neither malaria nor sickle-cell?
Give your answer in percents as a whole number.

student :
tutor3 : what is in that box ?
student : nothing...lets just focus on the question
tutor3 : ok
tutor3 : Please wait, we are helping other students
student : kk
student : how long is it going to take
tutor3 : will be back to u as soon am clear.dont worry not that long
student : thx u!!!!!!!!
tutor3 : am started working on it .give me 10 mins
student : no prob
student : is there a way to contact u beyond this website?? like i really need stats help
tutor3 : Improve your grades, get 1 hour of Math coaching only $16..
student : i cant afford dat....
tutor3 : actually am not authorized to tell you that.would love to help you but there are some rules.so if you really want to take my stat help mail your request here *****@aafter.com. Include your email and phone number.
student : okay
student : da icons d0nt show lol
tutor3 : yeah thats a problem in the website i guess
student : how many ppl run this site?? only u??
tutor3 : i dont know to be honest as i am just an expert here.I just answer to sums asked thats it
student : how did u start working here den? recuited? if u dont mind me asking
tutor3 : yes recruited.no its ok.what do you do?your name?
student : im in college...jus quit my job wokring at subway cudnt haddle working nd going to skool..
student : whats ur name?? asl???\
tutor3 : suvo chatterjee.am from india and yours
student : wow!!!!! im manu
student : btw hows dat question kumin along??
tutor3 : yeah its almost done
student : thx u so much!!!
tutor3 : see 6.6 % had malaria and sickle cell so the probability of having mal and sickle cell is 6.6/100=.066 . thus people who dont have mal ans sikel cell are 1-.066=.934
student : one decimal place wud make the answer 93
student :

tutor3 : yes .93
student : dat is 2 decimal places i need 1
student : so just 93
student : ???
tutor3 : oh its .9 then the answer
student : okay thx u!!!
student : i have more questions lolzz
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tutor3 : welcome.
student : gud bye
tutor3 : bye

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