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tutor3 : Hello Student, May I help you with your Math problems?
student : 6.2 You want to know whether adults in your country think the ideal number of children is equal to 2, or higher or lower than that.

6.2 a) Define notation and state the null and alternative hypotheses for studying this.

6.2 b) For responses in a recent GSS to the question, “What do you think is the ideal number of children to have:”, software shows results: Report the test statistic value, and show how it was obtained from other values reported in the table.

6.2 c) Explain what the P-value represents and interpret its value.

6.20 The authorship of an old document is in doubt. A historian hypothesizes that the author was a journalist named Jacalyn Levine. Upon a thorough investigation of Levine’s known works, it is observed that one unusual feature of her writing was that she consistently began 6% of her sentences with the word whereas. To test the historian’s hypothesis, it is decided to count the number of sentences in the disputed document that begin with whereas. Out of the 300 sentences, none do. Let π denote the probability that any one sentence written by the unknown author of the document begins with whereas. Test H0: π = 0.06 against Ha: π ≠ 0.06. What assumptions are needed for your conclusion to be valid?

tutor3 : a) Notation means a list of mathematical symbols.
student : OK so...
tutor3 : the null hypothesis will be H0 children =2 vs H1 children not equal to 2 .It will be a both sided test.
tutor3 : both sided means two tailed test
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student : thanks
tutor3 : welcome

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