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student : 1. Scenario #1
Gasser wanted to establish if linguistic terms influence perceived gender differences in young children. Gasser selected one language (Language A) which had strength and independence strongly connected to male traits and which had caring and empathy strongly connected to female traits within the language. She also selected a second language (Language B) which strength, independence, caring, and empathy as traits that any child could have; therefore, not connected to gender traits. She had a native speaker of each language view and rate a video of young children (both females and males) playing in a playschool setting. Below is only part of the data collected. The data shows the independence ratings for the twelve girls in the video (all participants saw the same video) by the native speakers of each language. A high score indicates a high degree of independence displayed in the video.

Language A Language B
42 45
35 32
51 46
27 38
16 24
50 49
22 29
16 24
11 31
15 27
21 33
18 29

Identify the variables of the study, type of variables, level of variables, and statistical analysis appropriate in this study. Be sure to specify the Neyman-Pearson (NHSM) statements for this situation. Analysis the data and report the results in APA format.

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