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tutor3 : Hello Student, May I help you with your Math problems?
student : hi
student : can u do this problem for me?
student : The table gives the winning times since 1968 in the men’s 100-meter backstroke in the Summer
1968 Roland Matthes, East Germany 0:58.70
1972 Roland Matthes, East Germany 0:56.58
1976 John Naber, United States 0:55.49
1980 Bengt Baron, Sweden 0:56.53
1984 Rick Carey, United States 0:55.79
1988 Daichi Suzuki, Japan 0:55.05
1992 Mark Tewksbury, Canada 0:53.98
1996 Jeff Rouse, United States 0:54.10
2000 Lenny Krayzelburg, United States 0:53.72
2004 Aaron Peirsol, United States 0:54.06
2008 Aaron Peirsol, United States 0:52.54

Do the following:
(1) Draw a scatter plot of the data. Be sure to label your axes.

(2) Compute the correlation coefficient r.

(3) Determine if a linear relationship exists by using the table in the back of your textbook for PPMC
(table II). Explain your decision.

If a linear relationship exists, then complete the following:
(4) Determine the equation of the least-squares regression line.

(5) Use the equation to predict the winning time in the 2012 Olympics.

(6) Look up the actual winning time and explain any differences.
tutor3 : the scatter plot is very simple just plot the data according the x and y axis by taking country name in x-axis and times(convert them to hours only) in y-axis.
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student : can u do no: 3 for me
student : i know how to do no: 1 and 2
tutor3 : have already done number 1 for you and we help 1 sum free in 24 hours. anyways u can mail us your sums and we will send the answers by your deadline today once you pay the suitable money that we will ask for

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