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A dump of our free Chat sessions, in case it is useful. It excludes white boards used during paid sessions.

tutor3 : Hello Student, May I help you with your Math problems?
student : Hey so I was given a data set about hurricane intensities. attached was the following question:
student : a) Does the data suggest that the overall frequency of hurricanes has changed over time in the U.S. or have they been constant over the last 13 decades? State your hypotheses, test statistic, p-value, and conclusion. Also confirm that all assumptions/conditions for your test are met. If frequencies have changed, explain how they have changed and in which decades. If not, explain why there were only 12 observed hurricanes in the 70s but double that number in the 40s.
student : The data are divided into 3 columns (low, medium, high) and the rows are divided by years
student : I need to know what type of test to use. I'm thinking it's the chi-sq goodness of fit, but I don't know how to enter the data properly
student : Am I supposed to find the expected counts? I just don't understand
student : Do I only get help if I pay first?
tutor3 : Please wait, we are helping other students
student : For how long am I expected to wait? Will I get faster service if I go ahead and pay the fee? I don't mean to be rude, I just need to get this done ASAP.
tutor3 : ok.
tutor3 : Please note, due to lack of resources, we can only do 1 problem FREE in 24 hours period. You can always come back tomorrow for another free problem. Please, tell your friends about our free service - 1 free in 24 hours
student : Ok. I'll probably end up paying money if this problem goes well.
tutor3 : ok give me 10 mins coming back to you with your solution
student : ok
student : do you need the data set?
tutor3 : yes give all u have
student : Decade Cat 1-2 Cat 3-5 Cat 1-5
1851-1860 13 6 19
1861-1870 14 1 15
1871-1880 13 7 20
1881-1890 17 5 22
1891-1900 13 8 21
1901-1910 14 4 18
1911-1920 14 7 21
1921-1930 8 5 13
1931-1940 11 8 19
1941-1950 14 10 24
1951-1960 9 8 17
1961-1970 8 6 14
1971-1980 8 4 12
1981-1990 10 5 15
1991-2000 9 5 14
2001-2010 11 6 17

tutor3 : when is your deadline?
student : tomorrow
student : 5pm
tutor3 : mail us the sum with complete dataset and we will send you the quotes imediately
tutor3 : you wil have your solution before deadline after you pay for it.
student : I thought I got one problem for free?
tutor3 : yes one subpart of your problem
student : OK. The only part of the problem I want to know is HOW to do it. What test do I use? I can figure the rest out...
tutor3 : as your problem has many parts ,so i guess it wont be of much help if you go for the free service and wait till tomoroew
student : I don't need you to tell me all the values, though. I just want to know what test to use. Is it the chi-square goodness of fit?
tutor3 : ok let me see then
student : awesome, thanks.
tutor3 : actually am quite wraped up helping other students right now so apparently looking at the dataset chi-sq looks good to me but still a detail scrutiny is required but will take time

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