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tutor3 : Hello Student, May I help you with your Math problems?
student : yes
student : The data set below consists of the scores of 15 students on a quiz. for this data set, which measure of variatio do you think is more approriate, the range or the standard deviation? explain your thinking. 90 90 91 91 89
student : 90 89 91 91 90 60 90 89 90 91
tutor3 : ok
tutor3 : The standard deviation is most suitable as range is useful when the variation of the data set or difference between highest and lowest data or the rest of the intra data is in large amount but fails when the data given are in close proximity as you can see the dataset here ranges only from 89-91 at the maximum and only one outlying observation which is insignificant here.Standard deviatiomn explains the variation very well when the dataset are not widely spaced.
student : can you solve the problem?
student : thank you so much!
tutor3 : welcome
student : can you solve it?
tutor3 : you are asking me to calculate the standrd deviatn right?
student : yes please
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tutor3 : we will send it to you within your deadline after we quote the price and you pay.
student : ok thanks
tutor3 : welcome

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