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tutor3 : Hello Student, May I help you with your Math problems?
student : yes
student : Skeletal remains had lost 90% of the C-14 they originally contained. Determine the approximate age of the bones. (Round your answer to the nearest whole number.)
student : hello
tutor3 : yes hello but i guess this is a chemistry problem of carbon dating
student : no is from algebra problem
student : i got this from my hw math class
tutor3 : we know the age of a thing is determined by the amount of c-14 is lost from the thong.Thus the approximate age of the bones is 90/100=.9 or =1 (rounded off)
student : ok
student : then how divided by 100
tutor3 : because it says 90% and %of anything means that thing divided by 100
student : so that it or there are more to the problem
tutor3 : thats it from my side
student : is wrong but i don't know how
student : we need to find the years
tutor3 : Fax your homework to 206-339-8302. or, email to *****@aafter.com. Include your email and phone number.
tutor3 : if you have more problems send them too.lets see what we can do,give us your time limit
student : ok
student : well thanks
tutor3 : welcome

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