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A dump of our free Chat sessions, in case it is useful. It excludes white boards used during paid sessions.

tutor3 : Hello Student, May I help you with your Math problems?
student : Find the slope of the line through (-2,4) and (-3,7)
tutor3 : Please wait, we are helping other students
student : okay
tutor3 : take (x1,y1) =(-2,4) and (x2,y2)=(-3,7).Then use the formula slope = y2-y1/x2-x1
student : so the answer is 3/-1?
tutor3 : yes ans = -3
student : That's all you have to do for that problem? Easy enough!
tutor3 : yes its easy
student : is -3/5 wrong?
tutor3 : how are you getting that?
student : 7-4
student : sorry hold on....
student : 7-4 over -3-5= 3/-5
student : -3-2*
tutor3 : no its wrong.it cant be x2+x1
student : i saw my mistake
student : Graph the line -3x+y=-6
tutor3 : Please note, due to lack of resources, we can only do 1 problem FREE in 24 hours period. You can always come back tomorrow for another free problem. Please, tell your friends about our free service - 1 free in 24 hours
student : okay thanks!
tutor3 : welcome.bye

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