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A dump of our free Chat sessions, in case it is useful. It excludes white boards used during paid sessions.

tutor3 : Hello Student, May I help you with your Math problems?
student : Hello
student : Yes, do you know boole's inquality?
tutor3 : Hi
tutor3 : Yes
student : Well I have to prove that
student : P ( U from i=1 to n Ai) <= sigma from i=1 to n P(Ai)
student : P( U Ai) boundaries i=1 to n
tutor3 : Please wait, we are helping other students
tutor3 : i am mailing you the answer since it is too long to fit here ok?
student : ok
student : you know my e-mail?
student : and can i ask you questions about the proof?
student : HELLO?
tutor3 : no am sorry you cant atleast not here.For that you have to take a payed stat class.please send me your mail id
student : *****@gmail.com
tutor3 : ok.dont wory u will undersatnd the proof.
student : mmk tx
student : did u send it?
tutor3 : yes i send it to the id *****@gmail.com
tutor3 : got it?
student : yes i did get it th
student : thx
student : but i really can't ask questions? T.T
tutor3 : welcome
student : i'm like semi-hyper ventilating
student : cuz i dont understand it
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student : i don't get why you use n+1
tutor3 : its because i have used induction
student : wut does n+1 indicate?
tutor3 : indicates n+1 cases inspite of total n cases
tutor3 : am sorry cant answer any more.i have more students to help.bye
student : thx for the help
tutor3 : u r welcome

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