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student : Hello!
tutor3 : hi
student : I just had one problem i was stuck on
student : With the installation of red light cameras, people have become very curious about
the rate of accidents at intersections with and without the red light cameras. Red
light cameras are located on 10% of all of the intersections in a given city. Assuming
that traffic accidents at intersections are stable and occur at a rate of about 6 per
day, what is the probability that 1 or more of these accidents will occur at a red-lightcamera intersection on a given day?
tutor3 : Please wait, we are helping other students
student : No worries, thank you!
tutor3 : this is a problem of Poisson distribution.The value of the random variable (x) is given as 10%=.1 and the average failure rate(here rate of accidents) or lambda =6.Thus putting these values in the distribution function of the distribution we get the probabilty the number of times an event occur in a particular period. thus the probability that accidents occur at red light areas = .0033
student : Thank you, that makes sense!
tutor3 : welcome

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