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tutor3 : Hello Student, May I help you with your Math problems?
student : yes
student : do i type the question?
tutor3 : yes
student : The actuarial firm where
Andrea has her co-op placement was
sent a set of data that follows a quadratic
function. The data supplied compared
the number of years of driving experience
with the number of collisions reported to
an insurance company in the last month.
Andrea was asked to recover the data lost
when the paper jammed in the fax machine.
Only three data points can be read. They
are (5, 22), (8, 2, and (9, 22). The values of
f(x) for x 5 6 and x 5 7 are missing. Andrea
decided to subtract the y-value of 22 from
each point so that she would have two
zeros: (5, 0), (8, 6), and (9, 0).
a) Use these three points to find a
quadratic function that can be used to
model the adjusted data.
b) Add a y-value of 22 to this function for
a quadratic function that models the
original data.
c) Use this function to find the missing
values for x 5 6 and x 5 7.
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student : ok
student : oh and (8,2) is supposed to be (8,2
tutor3 : so do one thing Fax your homework to 206-339-8302. or, email to *****@aafter.com. Include your email and phone number. then you can get all your solutions within the specified deadline.otherwise i can solve you only one part of this problem which wont be of much help i guess
student : right now?
student : i can send you email but why do you need my phonenumber
tutor3 : yes mail it to the id i just gave you and this is all that you want or there is something more?
tutor3 : its just for security reasons and in case we need to reach you for any details regarding the problem if you are not found online thats why
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tutor3 : i guess you need to know the above

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