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A dump of our free Chat sessions, in case it is useful. It excludes white boards used during paid sessions.

tutor3 : Hello Student, May I help you with your Math problems?
student : yes
student : i have a lot of math problems and i do no understnad it at all
student : 9. The shortcut word containing all five vowels is SEQUOIA. How many seven-letter sequences of letters, with no repeated letters, contain all five vowels?
student : can you help me with this problem?
tutor3 : ok
student : thank you so much
student : how should i approach this problem?
tutor3 : it is a problem of permutation and combination. the all all possible combinations can be got by 7! ways
tutor3 : 7!=720 ways
student : so this problem is a combination problem? how would you write it in a combiantion format?
tutor3 : yes
student : is the answer C(7,5)?
tutor3 : there is no format for combination.Just write the logic behind the working.That is by the rule of combination to find all possible combinations of any sequence we compute the factorial of the length of the sequence.
tutor3 : yes
tutor3 : c(7,5) means 7!/ 5!*2!
tutor3 : that is you choose 5 vowels out of 7 letters and since there is no repeatation you can use that form
student : so my answer is correct C(7,5)?
student : when i calculate the answer it is 21 though
tutor3 : no it is 84 check it
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tutor3 : you can do this i think it will help you in chapters like this
student : umm but when i put it in my calculator it saids 21
student : oh when i do it by hand it's 84
student : thank you so much for helping me with this problem, i felt like i understand it more
tutor3 : you are welcome
student : would you mind helping me with another problem? i'm sorry, it's just that math isn't really my subject
tutor3 : if there is anything more you need you can email me Fax your homework to 206-339-8302. or, email to *****@aafter.com. Include your email and phone number.
student : how fast can you get back to me?
student : if i were to email you
tutor3 : how many problems do you have?send an email with your deadline by that time you will recieve your work
student : you helped me with one of the problem so i'm left with around 9
student : do i write my deadline in the subject field?
tutor3 : no write the subject field of what you are sending and inside the body mention the deadline in caps.it will do.
student : do you think that i can get it tmr by 9am?
tutor3 : yes then send it as soon as possible.
student : that would be awesome
student : i sent it
student : you are my life saver, thank you so so much
tutor3 : my pleasure
student : i can't thank you enough
student : have a great day
tutor3 : its ok. lets first get the work done and then thank me .
tutor3 : yeah have a great day
student : =]

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