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tutor3 : Hello Student, May I help you with your Math problems?
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student : I have a statistics problem
tutor3 : yes
student : 7. You have defined outcome variable and predictor in the Question 1. Now run SPSS, conduct simple regression that predicts outcome variable from the predictor using this sample data. Save residuals from the model, as well as dfbetas. Then answer the following questions:

(1) (5 pts.) Write equations for this regression model at the population level (two equations: one for scores and the other for regression line). Define each element in the equation.

(2) (5 pts.) Check “Coefficients” table. What is the value of b0 and b1? Based on the obtained values of b0 and b1, write the unstandardized regression equations for this model (two equations: one for observed scores and the other for regression line).

(3) (5 pts.) Interpret the value of b0 and b1. Suppose the score on the predictor variable increases by 3 points, what the impact on the scores of the outcome variable?

(4) (5 pts.) Obtain the value of MSE and SEE. What do these two values tell you? Comparing these two values to the variance and standard deviation of the outcome variable, does predictor seem to help in predicting the outcome variable?

(5) (5 pts.) Check residuals and dfbetas, which case(s) seem to be outlier(s)? Support your answer with appropriate indices. Explain in words the meaning of the largest dfbeta value for b1.

student : this is the answer from one

Regression Statistics
Multiple R 0.286988119
R Square 0.082362181
Adjusted R Square 0.063244726
Standard Error 3.54672879
Observations 50

df SS MS F Significance F
Regression 1 54.19431489 54.19431489 4.308218983 0.043309571
Residual 48 603.8056851 12.57928511
Total 49 658

Coefficients Standard Error t Stat P-value Lower 95% Upper 95%
Intercept 10.77376166 1.725225463 6.244842714 1.05859E-07 7.304963441 14.24255988
stress 0.233394982 0.112445642 2.075624962 0.043309571 0.007307869 0.459482095

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