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tutor3 : Hello Student, May I help you with your Math problems?
student : The lengths of a professor's classes has a continuous uniform distribution between 50.0 min and 52.0 min. If one such class is randomly selected, find the probability that the class length is more than 50.7 min.

P(X > 50.7) =
(Report answer accurate to 2 decimal places.
tutor3 : yes
student : can you tell me how to solve it?
tutor3 : this is a uniform distribution.so its mean is (50+52)/2and sd =(50-52)^2/12.then standardise using normal distribution
student : so plug all that in to the calculator?
tutor3 : oyu can
tutor3 : calculate it separately as i showd you
student : i got 0 for the first part
tutor3 : mean=0??
student : yeah when i plugged that into the normalpdf thats what i got
tutor3 : the answe to the question is .306
student : the mean is .306 or the answer overall is
tutor3 : ansewr
student : it says thats wrong.
student : hello??

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