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A dump of our free Chat sessions, in case it is useful. It excludes white boards used during paid sessions.

tutor2 : Hello Student, May I help you with your Math problems?
student : In class we're working on dividing polynomials using long division, synthetic division, etc. My friend and I were thrown off by these two problems though...
student : Given that two of the roots of x^4-2x^2-3x-2=0 are -1 and 2, solve the equation for x.
student : And...
tutor2 : we already working on your 1st problem
tutor2 : please wait
student : Oh okay
student : thank you
tutorpm : x^4-2x^2-3x-2=0 , or, x^4=2x^+3x+2 , or, (x-2)(x+1)(x^2+x+1)=0, so, when (x-2)=0 , or, x=2. and when (x+1)=0 , or, x=-1.
student : Oh wow, thank you so much! We have a quiz tomorrow and this really helps. The other one is "Given that one root of x^4-4x^3+6x^2-16x+8=0 is 2i, solve the equation for x" It's the same concept, but the imaginary number confuses us
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student : Oh okay, that's fine. I will, and thanks for your help!
tutor2 : Please. tell your parents and friends about our service ..www.tutorteddy.com from AAfter Search
tutorpm : welcome
tutorpm : Please. tell your parents and friends about our service ..www.tutorteddy.com from AAfter Search
student : Will do. Sending the link to facebook Night!
tutor2 : thank you

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