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tutorsd6 : Please, share your Math problem...
student : Suppose you measure a box. Its dimensions are 32 in. by 28 in. by 25 in. Find the percent error in calculating its volume. Round to the nearest tenth of a percent.
tutorsd6 : volume = l x b x h = 32 x 28 x 25 = 22400 cubic inch
student : thats not in the answer choices
tutorsd6 : the question is incomplete
tutorsd6 : i actually find the volume
student : oh then you may go on *sorry*
tutorsd6 : sorry !!!!1 what for ?
tutorsd6 : how can i find the % error with the original dimensions ?
student : oh
student : then here is my other problem
student : Which of the following situations involves a percent of increase that is more than 100%?

A. A dot com company sells paint for $45.35 a can, which includes shipping and handling. It costs the company $35.47 a can in purchasing.

B. It costs a restaurant $0.11 to make a cup of tea, which it sells for $0.75.

C. A tank of fish began with 15 fish of all different colors. At the end of the month, the tank had 25 fish.

D. A dog had a container with 50 Scooby Snacks in it. By the end of the week he only had 13 snacks left.

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