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tutorsd6 : Please, share your Math problem...
student : On the moon, the gravity is much less than on the earth, so a person can throw a ball much higher. As astronaut who is not much of a thrower on earth was able to manage a throw that followed: Y=-x^2+20x+15 when x=time in sec, Y= height in m. a-what was the maximum height of the ball?
student : b-after hoe many seconds did it reach maximum height?
student : c-how many cesonds did it reach maximum height?
student : d- when was the second time it reached 50 meter?
student : e-what was its total time in the air?
tutorsd6 : please wait , let me read
student : ok
tutorsd6 : Please send the solution to us : tutor@aafter.com
We will send you the solution to your mail within 2/3 hours .

student : sorry I'll makr some corrections
student : the equation= Y=-x^2+20x+1.5
student : also, c- how many seconds after it left the astronaut's hand was it 50 meters?
student : can I get 4 problem solved?
student : I did send the problems
tutorsd6 : we will send the solution within 2/3 hours
student : ok thank you
student : do u always guys offer free help?
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student : 4 as total
student : I need them today
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student : will I get it today?
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student : all of the 5 problems?
tutorsd6 : yes , you will get all 5 , you need to pay $ 3.96
student : but the link u sent says Hourly Coaching $16
student : I think u made a mistake
student : just give me the link then I'll pay
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student : the same! is it hourly coaching?
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student : I already sent the problems!
tutorsd6 : excellent
student : thank u, I'll be waiting for the solutions in 2 hrs

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