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student : Jackals and Coyotes
Three jackals and three coyotes are on a trek across the Mokalani Plateau when they come to a river filled with carnivourou fish. There is a rowboat in sight and the party decides to us it. (Both species are know for their cleverness, regardless fo how much this problem exceeds reasonableness.) However, the boat is too small for any more than two of the group at a time. So they must travel the river in successive crossings. There is one hitch, though. The jackals must not out number the coyotes at any time, in any place. If it happens, for example, that there are two jackals on the western bank, and only one coyote, then this problem is reduced to simple subtraction and glutony (The jackals will overpower and kill the coyotes.) It's okay to have an equal number of each, and to have more coyotes than jackals in a given place. The coyotes do not pose a threat to the jackals. So, the trick here is to use the one small rowboat, a lot of sweat, and a little brainpower to assure the coyotes' survival while both groups cross the river. How many trips will it take to get everyone across the river?

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