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tutordj_a : How May I help You With Statistics Problems?
student : No, geometry
student : Here's the problem I need help with
tutordj_a : ques please
student : Two mountain bikers have been separated and are hoping to find each other. One biker reads on her GPS that she is located at 102.9 degrees west and 44.1 degrees north. She decides to ride towards the mountain peak, which on the map has the coordinates 102.5 degrees west and 44.3 degrees north. Her friend sees on his map that he is at the bend in the trail located at 102.5 degrees west and 44.3 degrees north. He decides to ride toward the waterfall with coordinates 102.9 degrees west and 44.5 degrees north. Will the two bikers cross paths? If so, at what coordinates? If not, why not?
tutordj_a : please send this question to us at tutor@aafter.com
student : k
tutordj_a : We will sen you the solution within very shortly
student : With the steps? I would like to know HOW to do the problem.
tutordj_a : sure
student : ok thanks.
student : email sent.

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