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A dump of our free Chat sessions, in case it is useful. It excludes white boards used during paid sessions.

tutordj : How May I help You?
student : Solve the equation for y.
student : A. 6x+4y=16 B. x+2y=5 C. -12x+6y=-12
tutordj : Please send this ques to us at tutor@aafter.com
student : no wait
student : I hav alreay dont them
tutordj : We will send the solution within 2 hours
student : just want you to check
student : For A. I got y=-3x/2+4
student : could you check that and see is its right
student : and for B. I got x+2y=5
student : y=-x/2+5/2
student : Im sorry, are you still there?
tutordj : yes
student : ok, yes could you check those and see it their right, witht he correct owrk shown, because I was to see if ym work is correct or not
tutordj : yes
student : as for C. I got 2x-2
student : im sorry, could you please hurry i kind of need to go somewhere, I will wait just hurry up please
student : are you even there?
student : please, i dont want to waste my time ive been waiting and wating, no reply
student : atleast say here, even if you are.
student : HELLO?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
student : -_-
student : good bye
student : i wonder is this would still happen, if I would purchase this tutoor program
student : by tutordj adios
tutordj : yes
tutordj : you are correct
tutordj : is Typing . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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