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Math Kangaroo 2018 at Tutorteddy Math Enrichment Center in Nashua, NH

Join our Math Olympiad Team - K to 8th Graders - Call 866-930-6363

We have an affordable Math Olympiad team for K to 8th graders from New England (MA, NH, ME, VT, CT).

There will be two teams ( E division: for K to 6th grades and M Division: for K to 8th grades). Anyone below 9th grade can take M division test.

There will be 5 contests for each group. Cost will be $20 per student for all the contests in one division. Training is optional, and cost will be separate. Space is limited, there will be 33 members in each team.

Register for Math Olympiad

We will conduct the tests at your local libraries as long as we have more than 3 local students. Feel free to call us at 617-395-8864.

Following are the upcoming meetups at different towns to exchange books, problems, and ideas about how to prepare for Math Olympiad, and if there is enough interest and time, we will have mock tests (parents will be excused :-)

  1. Math Olympiad Preparation (Andover, MA) Fri Sep 23 2011, 7:15 PM
  2. (Newton, MA) Math Olympiad Preparation Tue Sep 27 2011, 7PM
  3. (Acton, MA) Math Olympiad Preparation Thu Sep 29, 7 PM
  4. (Worcester, MA) Math Olympiad Preparation Mon Oct 10, 7PM
  5. (Marblehead, MA) Math Olympiad Preparation Thu Oct 13, 7 PM
  6. (Lexington, MA) Math Olympiad Preparation Thu Oct 20, 7PM

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