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Vedic Math is a collection of Sixteen Mathematical Sutras or Formulations derived from vibrant research of Sanskrit. Jagadguru Swami Sri Bharati Krishna Tirthaji Maharaja discovered a system of Metal Computation through a thorough study of Vedas and Sanskrit texts. He wrote a book titled “Vedic Mathematics” comprising of sixteen sutras and thirteen sub sutras that changed the face of modern mathematics.


TutorTeddy has initiated an innovative program to bring the wonders of Vedic Mathematics at your finger tips. TutorTeddy is making a brief effort to help you learn math faster with those enlightening sixteen sutras. Let us check out a synopsis of those Vedic Sutras or Mathematical Formulations.


  1. First sutra explains the formula of “By one more than the previous one”
  2. The second sutra elucidates- All from 9 and the last from 10.
  3. Third sutra explains “Vertical and Crosswise” calculation.
  4. Fourth sutra stands for “Transpose and Apply”
  5. States that if the sum (Samuccaya) is same it is considered zero.
  6. Sixth sutra explains that, if one is in ratio, the other is zero.
  7. The seventh sutras is about “By Addition and by Subtraction”
  8. The eight sutra explain the formula: “By the completion or non-completion”
  9. Ninth sutra deals with “Differences and Similarities”.
  10. Tenth sutra enlightens the law “By the extent of Deficiency”
  11. Eleventh sutra explains on the basis of “Specific and General”
  12. Twelfth sutra elucidates on “The remainders by the last digit”.
  13. The thirteenth sutra stands on the formula of “The ultimate and twice the penultimate”
  14. Fourteenth sutra follows the rule of “By One Less than the previous One”.
  15. Fifteenth sutra states that, Product of the sum is always equal to the sum of the product.
  16. Last sutra interprets on “All the Multipliers”. It states that, the factors of the sum are equal to the sum of the factors.


TutorTeddy promises to turn your nightmare subject into a playful one. TutorTeddy assures you guidance in the light of Vedic Math, reducing your burden of memorizing several formulas.


Want to find out how TutorTeddy can help you through Vedic Math? Take a look at the points below.


  • Vedic formula enables faster calculation compared to Conventional methods.
  • Vedic math helps to speed up calculations without rough work or even the use of finger calculation.
  • Improves your mental ability of calculation and concentration
  • Vedic Mathematics provides a method for crosschecking the sums independently.
  • Vedic Math also clears our perception to discover the connections between different sections of mathematics.


TutorTeddy utilizes this phenomenon method of calculation to guide you in Mathematics, at the comfort of your home. TutorTeddy aims to make you competent with the competitive world in all spheres of mathematics, be it Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, Geometry, Probability, Arithmetic or Statistics.

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