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An introduction to Probability Tutorial

The following is a help on probability tutorial. This tutorial will help you to compute probability of an event.

Probability Math Help

What do You Mean by Probability?

Probability means the degree of belief in the proposition of the person making the statement. It predicts the likelihood of events that will happen in the future. It is a branch of mathematics. So with the help of probability we can predict things in advance.

Probability starts with a model which describes the likelihood of the events which will occur. It may happen that the events are random i.e, to say we do not know what will happen next.

1. Flipping a Fair Coin

"Fair" coin actually tells us that both the probability of head and tail are equal i.e, ½ or 50 %. That is to say if we flip the coin the probability that a head or a tail occurs is ½. So if a fair coin is flipped both head and tail can appear but it doesn’t mean that only head or only tail will appear if the coin is flipped continuously. So if only heads or tails appear many times the coin can’t be fair. The probability of heads is half it means that with increasing number of flips the no of heads will tend to half the number of flips.

Probability Distribution Help

2. Flipping an Unfair Coin

In such cases the probability of head and tail will be different.

Rolling A laded Die

If the die is unbiased the chance of occurrence of 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 will be the same i.e, 1/6 . But if it is biased then the chances will not remain the same. For example the chances are ¼,1/20,1/5,1/5,1/5 and 1/10 then the die will be considered as a biased die.

This example tells us that the probability starts with a probability model, that gives us an idea of the probability of the events which are going to occur.

Things to remember about Probability

1. In probability rules are used to describe data i.e, with how much probability an event is going to occur.

2. To make a prediction we use probability.

3. Probability is related to mathematics.

How Helpful is This Tutorial

The probability tutorial will help you to calculate the required probability which needs to be calculated. This tutorial helps you to increase your concepts about probability. Also, it will of great help to the ones who don't have any idea about probability. In our Probability tutorial we will also provide analytical tool , many sample problems and also online help.

Probability Help for Students

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