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Students finding difficult to solve and understand probability problems need not need to worry, probability help is there for you. We have experts who will help you in your probability problems. You will find it easier to calculate probabilities and increase your knowledge about probability distributions. The probability help provided by us will be really beneficial to you.

Probability Calculator

Definition of Probability

The probability of an event refers to the proportion of cases in which the event occurs in repetitions of the experiment.

Problem: A six-faced unbiased die is thrown. What is the probability that the number appearing uppermost is even?

Solution:There are six possible cases viz. 1,2,3,4,5 and 6. These are six elementary events. Since the die is unbiased so the throw is made without giving any preference to any particular face, then the cases are considered equally likely. So now of these six cases, 3 are favorable to the appearance of an even number, viz 2,4 and 6. Hence the required probability will be 3/6=1/2.

Some More Definitions:

An experiment involves chance or probability. In the above sum, throwing a six-faced die is the experiment.

An outcome is the result of an experiment. According to the above problem the outcomes of the throw.

One or more outcomes is an event .Here event of the experiment is getting a even number i.e,2, 4 and 6.

Probability tells us about the likelihood of an event. The probability of number appearing uppermost is even is .

P (A) = The Number of ways event A can occur / the total number of possible outcomes.

Probability Distribution Help

Probability Distributions:


It is defined as a statistical function describing the possible values along with the probabilities that a random variable takes. The fact that the possible values are to be plotted depends on many factors like mean, SD, skewness and kurtosis of the distribution.

The probability theory is very useful. Probability distributions or probability functions list or describe probabilities for all possible occurrences of a random variable. There are two kinds of probability distributions:

Discrete distributions

Continuous distributions

Discrete probability distributions depicts a finite set of possible occurrences, for discrete and not continuous. For example, the number of heads thrown thrice . Here number of heads is discrete, the random variable representing the number of heads are 0, 1, 2 or 3. The probabilities are -Pr(0 head), Pr(1 head), Pr(2 heads) and P(3 heads)-represents the probability distribution for this discrete random variable. Some of the discrete probability distributions are follows:




Negative Binomial


Continuous probability distributions are those which occurs continuously without any break. For example, the probability distribution of a marks of students in an examination. Here, the random variable of marks is continuous, since marks can be continuous . Some of the continuous probability distributions are follows:

Uniform or Rectangular




Double exponential








Probability Calculator

The probability calculator is used to calculate the probability of one event. Also, probability calculator provided by us lets you calculate the probability that a random variable X is in a specified range, for a variety of probability distributions for X. So for various distributions you can calculate the required probability very easily by means of probability calculator.

Probability Distribution Help

We provide probability distribution help. You can approach us with your problems of probability distributions where our experts will help you to solve your problems or homework and will assist you in understanding when to use which distribution.

Probability Help for Students

The Probability tutorial will help the students to calculate the required probability. This tutorial helps you to increase your concepts about probability. Also, students can approach us with all the problems related to probability distributions. Students can clear their doubts regarding any probability problems. So, all those who are stuck with their problems related to probability and probability distributions can approach us. Our experts provide you with probability help and thus helping you to make your understanding better and solving the problems and homework.

Probability Help for Students

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