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We, humans cannot do without machines. A day without the help of any machine is unthinkable for us. Whether big or small, all machines have some mechanics behind them which make them work. In the simplest of terms, mechanical engineering deals with the research, design, production and maintenance of machines.

Mechanical Engineering requires the concepts of physics, math and chemistry to design, produce and operate the machines. It is considered as one of the oldest branches of engineering which roughly started with the Industrial Revolution. All fields ranging from healthcare, transportation, defense systems, power, everywhere the basis lies in mechanical engineering.

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A device which produces alternating current form of electrical energy from mechanical energy. A rotating magnetic field is used to operate this electromagnetic device. It is used in automobiles and diesel locomotives to name two of the most common areas of use.

Balancing of Rotating Masses

This topic deals with the specific part of machine design which is concerned with the balance of the machine while in operation.


It is a closed container holding water or any other liquid and is heated to produce steam. This steam is used as power for machines.

Fluid Mechanics

This branch of study which deals with the research and analysis of the behavior of fluids and the effect of external forces on them. The results are utilized for further development of different machines.

Heat treatment

As the name suggests, this method is used to produce new or alter the physical or mechanical properties of existing materials by applying intense heat on a material or group of materials. Glass is produced by heat treatment.

Our dependence on machines is growing day by day, hence the study of mechanical engineering has always been and will continue to be very essential. Aspiring mechanical engineers should get a very strong grasp on all aspects of the subject so that they can contribute in the process of betterment of human lives by making better machines. & Boston Predictive Analytics

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