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Tools of Financial Analysis:

Common Size Financial Statement Analysis

It refers the income figures are shown as sales percentage. They stand for balance sheet calculations which are shown as a percentage of the total assets. You can express financial statements in the form of absolute figures but this may turn out to be slightly confusing. Where the costs of products sold may have risen, but when expressed as a percentage of total sales it may have gone down, you cannot get a complete picture. To understand the cumulative rise and fall in numbers, they are expressed as percentages to any common base. When you are writing the income statements, you assume the sales figures to be 100%. The other figures are then expressed as its percentage. In a balance sheet likewise, total assets are taken as 100% and other figures calculated as its percentage. A statement like this is called a Common Size Statement and analysis herein is termed as Common Size Financial Statement Analysis (Vertical Analysis).

Comparative Financial Statement Analysis

This gives you information about how to evaluate the way a business is moving. The financial statements are given for a certain period of time and submitted on a certain date. The income statement give you the results for the operating and non operating periods while the balance sheet gives the financial status at the conclusion of a financial term. Since managers are keen to understand whether the business is progressing in a favorable or unfavorable manner, there has to be a comparison between the figures of the existing year and previous years. To enable you to make such a comparison, a comparative analysis of financial statements is needed. Unlike the common size financial analysis also called vertical analysis; this type is referred to as horizontal analysis. This analysis gives data about two or more years' numbers and any rise of fall from the last year's figures along with the percentage of increase or decrease. This data is useful for ascertaining any significant progress or shortcomings during the time period. When the net income in a year appears to have gone below that of the previous year regardless of there being more sales, the company needs to be worried about the development. With this analysis, you can calculate to see in which areas the costs have escalated which has in turn led to low incomes.

Online Live Tutor Comparative Financial Statement Analysis

Since we employ only the most qualified financial tutors holding the highest educational qualifications and degrees, they are capable of breaking down any complicated comparative financial analysis problem into lucid sections explaining how every step has been carried out. This method has been highly appreciated by most students who have found this practice beneficial for understanding the complex problems. We guarantee to provide you with personal attention and we promise to make the whole learning process interactive, fun and simple. You can try to experience this unique learning system by putting in a request for online tutoring with us.

For free* finance homework help on comparative financial statement analysis, there are numerous highly qualified tutors with many years of experience in this field. Once you send us your problem, we can forward them to our tutors for reviews. In trend analysis, past numbers are used for comparisons. The trend percentages of sales revenues and net income are calculated. In such calculations and comparisons, the data for a number of years is calculated where the first year is held as the base and based on this base, percentages of other years are calculated with regard to each item. So, it helps to inform you about the percentage of rise or fall for every item in relation to base year. & Boston Predictive Analytics

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