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Everybody is aware of what Chemistry and Engineering is, separately. When the knowledge, concepts and methods of these two branches of study come together they give birth to a different field called chemical engineering. It is generally considered as a branch of Engineering.

What is Chemical Engineering

This relatively new and advanced field of study requires clear understanding of all the branches of physical sciences and Engineering. It deals with the research and execution of methods which can lead to transformation of existing materials, both organic and inorganic, or invent new materials or new uses with the help of the knowledge of chemistry, physics and also biology.

Free* Chemical Engineering Homework Help

Chemical engineering hence, is a very vast and intense subject. Students of this field need to have a wide spectrum of concepts across many topics. Hence they may need additional help apart from the classes they attend in college. They may also need assistance with the chemical engineering assignments related to their courses. Using the convenience of the Internet, students of chemical engineering can easily find online engineering study web sites. These web sites have expert tutors with advanced knowledge in chemical engineering. They can guide students and help with assignments online.

Chemical engineering tutors who are experienced in the field, either as chemical engineers or teachers, can guide students to complete their homework as per the students' requirements. The tutors are available mostly 24x7 and are prompt with their responses. The team of qualified chemical engineering tutors can handle any type of assignments of any level. Another huge advantage of the online chemical engineering tutoring web sites is that the assignments are completed within the stipulated and pre-determined deadlines. Students can not only get help with their projects but they also understand the topics better and can get their doubts cleared. Typically chemical engineering tutoring online programs will provide comprehensive help with the subject including chemical engineering math, chemical engineering thermodynamics, nanotechnology, Electro-chemistry, Pharmaceuticals, Ceramic engineering and many more.

The specific topics that these web sites cover are:

Applied Electrochemistry

This highly specialized branch of chemical engineering deals with the relation between electrochemical science and engineering technologies. It is used in the research and development of battery cells, fuel cells, capacitors, sensors and related products.

Chemical Process Simulation

This branch deals with the representation of chemical processes through modeling software. It helps to understand and try out very large chemical reactions before actual execution.

Chemical Reactor Engineering

This branch deals with the study and analysis of chemical reactions. It is concerned with the design and development of reactors considering all the factors.

Computational Fluid Dynamics

This branch involves the study of fluid flows representation. The interaction of liquids and gases with relation to other substances in contact is analyzed with the help of computer programs and algorithms.

Energy balance

This branch of study deals with the study of energy flows through living organisms.

Heat Exchanger Design

This branch deals with the design and development of equipments which involves the process of heat transfer. Refrigeration, air conditioning, internal combustion engine, space heating, petrochemical industry are some of the areas which use this knowledge. Heat Exchange Network Integration is also a part of this branch which studies the integration of multi-heat exchanger devices networked into one system.

The list of such topics covered under chemical engineering is non exhaustive. Students therefore need to register with a competent online tutoring web site which can provide that expert help with any kind of assistance. Tutorteddy. com is one such online chemical engineering homework help site which fulfils all the criteria of being a reliable online tutoring website. & Boston Predictive Analytics

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