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We are on a constant quest to enhance our knowledge and make our lives better. The study of life or Biology is especially significant in this regard because it helps us to understand the human bodies - the knowledge about its birth, growth, functioning, degradation and finally death. Needless to say, the subject is vast and has therefore got further segregated into specialized branches. One such branch of Biology is Bioinformatics.

What is Bioinformatics

The simplest explanation of the term 'Bioinformatics' would be information about 'bio' or life. It fuses mathematical, statistical and biological knowledge to store, arrange, analyze and produce information from biological data with the help of computer technology. This branch of study initiated by Paulien Hogeweg is highly useful in the field of genetic research involving DNA and molecular structure of protein. Research scientists are carrying out hundreds of experiments all over the world producing numerous and varied results. Bioinformatics helps to co-ordinate, correlate and properly record that sensitive information to be used for further investigation.

Aspects of Bioinformatics

Bioinformatics has impacted biological research in a huge way. The significant progress in the study of human gene structure has been possible due to the proper mapping, sequencing and analyzing methods provided by the computer programs. Some areas that Bioinformatics has contributed considerably are :

Evolutionary Biology

The technology of Bioinformatics has helped to trace the path of evolution of genes, comparison analysis of the changes in the structure of genes. This has given birth to the aspect called Computational Evolutionary Biology.

Gene Analysis

Analysis of genes is a very sensitive process requiring a lot of precision. Bioinformatics has made it more convenient and accurate by helping to separate the signal from noise during the process. The techniques like, Micro arrays, tag sequencing SAGE (Serial Analysis of Gene Expression), in situ hybridization, EST (Expressed cDNA sequence tagging) and MPSS (Massively parallel signature sequencing) are the tools used in this regard.

Protein Structure Analysis

Bioinformatics has helped to simplify and make the results of protein micro-arrays and high-throughput mass spectrometry, cohesive. This has led to the exact understanding of the types of protein, the nature of their mutation and predicting their future behavior.

Computer programs and services

Bioinformatics employs different programs like algorithms, sequence research tools and statistical graphical programs to do its job.

The advancement in the field of molecular biology owes it to the implements of Bioinformatics. The results of these studies have led to enhanced understanding of serious diseases like cancer and discovery of new drugs to combat these critical conditions.

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