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ACCT 220 Management Cost Accounting 1

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ACCT 220 Management Cost Accounting 1

Camosun College


The topics of the course are as under:

  • Fundamental Purposes of Cost Accounting

  • Cost, volume profit analysis

  • Job Costing

  • Cost Behaviour

  • Activity based Costing

  • Budgeting

  • Decision Making

  • Pricing Decisions

  • Strategic Profitability Analysis

  • Transfer Pricing

  • Performance Measurement & appraisal

It is a basic management cost accounting course.

Overview of the Course:

This course is created in such a manner that it helps in implanting critical analysis and introspection. It will give a solid foundation in costing theory and practice. This course assumes no background in costing and is proper as a beginner's course. This Course is designed in such a way that students will develop their professional skills in preparing and analyzing Cost statements. Moreover, it will introduce the students to all the levels of costing.

Outline of the Course:

  1. Introduction to scope and purpose of Cost Accounting.

    • Identification of fundamental principles.

    • Explain the scope of Cost accounting.

  2. Fundamentals of Cost volume profit analysis

    • Identification of Profit Equations.

    • Discuss the assumptions in CVP analysis.

  3. Job Costing & Activity Based Costing

    • Features & Objectives.

    • Discuss the Batch Costing

    • Explain Cost allocation under activity based costing

  4. Behaviour of Cost

    • Recognition of different elements of Cost

  5. Budgeting & Decision Making

    • Describe different types of budgets.

    • Imapct of Budgets on Decision Making.

  6. Strategic Profitability Analysis

    • Discuss the different strategies.

    • Describe profitability analysis and its effect briefly.

  7. Transfer Pricing

    • Discuss the principles of Transfer Pricing.

  8. Performance Appraisal

    • Explain Evaluation and measurement of Performance.

    • Compare the Performances.


The course is prepared through lectures, case analysis, presentations, tests and examinations. This will help the students to excel the subject of management costing easily. They will be highly benefitted from this course.


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